Microsoft Intune: Troubleshooting guide for store app (New)

Published on: March 2, 2024 | Reading Time: 3 min | Last Modified : March 2, 2024

Troubleshooting Microsoft Store app (New) deployments

In this article, we will see troubleshooting steps that can be followed when troubleshooting the new microsoft store apps deployed from Intune.


The new Microsoft store app deployment leverages Windows Package Manager framework to download the applications an install them in the client devices. This framework can be accessed using command line tool called WinGet. The WinGet command line is only supported on Windows 10 1709 or later at the moment. The Winget tool will only be available once user logged to Windows as a user for the first time, triggering Microsoft store to register Windows Package Manager. Below diagram is a simple representation of how the flow works in the background.

PC- Update to Intune integration with the Microsoft Store on Windows - Microsoft Community Hub

When troubleshooting the new store app deloyments, you might want to first check if the device meets pre-requisites mentioned here. Once the validations have been completed, it would be helpful to check the app type that is being deployed: Win32 or UWP. For Win32 apps, the app installer is downloaded by Windows Package Manager from third-party download location determined by app publisher. For UWP apps, the Store UWP installers are downloaded an installed using Microsoft Store.

Troublshooting Steps:

Once the app type is determined, we can check the IME logs on the client to see the events related to app installtion. The IME logs will be located in “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\IntuneManagementExtension\Logs”.

If we see issues with downloading or installing the application, we can launch the WinGet command line tool in the affecte machine an search for that application:

**winget search appname **

If the winget tool is not able to find an app, it is possible that app repository source have not been added in that device. You can use the following link to review existing list and add or remove any repository source.

The winget source command | Microsoft Learn

If the winget tool is able to search an find the app, then we can check if the device is able to successfully install the discovered app. you can use below command to install an app:

**winget install appname **

If the installation fails. you can note the error message in the command line tool. You can also check the Windows Package Manager logs created in the following location for more details:


These logs will help you understand why the app is failing and troubleshoot accordingly. Additionally, you can also refer to the troubleshooting steps mentioned below:

Update to Intune integration with the Microsoft Store on Windows - Microsoft Community Hub

Troubleshooting the Microsoft Store and Microsoft Intune integration - Microsoft Community Hub

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