Microsoft Intune: Configure Time Zone

Published on: April 21, 2024 | Reading Time: 2 min | Last Modified : April 21, 2024


This article provides a step-by-step procedure for setting the time zone on a user’s device using Intune.


Customer may reach out to you looking for solution how they can configure time zone on the devices.

The policy must be targeted to Device Group only which means a group that only contains device, no user accounts.


  • Intune Subscription in the Tenant
  • User should have Intune license assigned
  • Windows device (Windows 1011 Pro, Business, Enterprise, Education)
  • Azure AD or Hybrid Azure AD join device


Get the Time Zone ID

To set the time zone, we need the Time zone ID first that Intune/Windows understand. To get that:

  • Open PowerShell
  • Run Get-TimeZone -ListAvailable
  • It will generate the list of Time zone. Get yours’s time zone and copy it

Create Profile

  • Create Configuration profile.
  • Platform: Windows 10 and later Profile type: Settings catalog
  • Click create. Name your profile
  • Click on Add setting and search for “Time Zone
  • Click on the Time language setting and then click on Configure Time zone
  • Now enter the time zone name. In my example, I am using India Standard Time

  • Click Next and Target to group that only contains device and create the policy.
  • Sync the device from Intune or from access work or school account
  • Once the policy has status of success
  • Restart the device and time zone should be applied