Microsoft Intune: ABM Setup

Published on: August 24, 2023 | Reading Time: 3 min | Last Modified : August 24, 2023

Apple Business Manager (ABM) Setup


  • ABM registration
  • Integrating ABM with Intune

Apple Business Manager Registration Steps:

Step 1: Create initial account form ABM registration

Important: Need a new AD account with mailbox that isn’t associated with an iTunes or iCloud account, and that hasn’t been used as an Apple ID for any other Apple service or website

Step 2: Identify verification contact Need to collect the below information of identified contacts (Verification contact is a legal representative of your organization. This can be a Manager at company) - Name - Work email address - Work phone number - Role/Job title Reference- Apple Business Manager User Guide - Apple Support (IN)

NOTE: These contacts are provided to Apple during ABM registration process for verification with Apple.

Step 3: Organizational Details Need to collect the below organizational details - D-U-N-S Number - Legal organization name and address (* the D-U-N-S number must match the legal organization name and address) - Phone Number - Website URL - Supplier Information (Optional - not required at the time of registration)

Step 4: Complete registration

This basically includes 3 steps: 1. Enroll your organization in ABM 2. Once all the required information is provided, apple will contact the verification contact over the phone followed by an email to confirm admin access 3. After the verification contact approves the admin access the Enrollment process is complete Reference- Apple Business Manager User Guide - Apple Support (IN)

Apple Business Manager and Microsoft Intune Integration Architecture Diagram:

Apple Business Manager and Microsoft Intune Integration Process:

Step 1: Navigate to the Enrollment page for iOS/iPadOS Devices.

Step 2: One the Apple enrollment page, select Enrollment Program Tokens

Step 3: To add a new enrollment program token, click Add, fill in all necessary details and download the public key to a secure location.

Step 4: Once you’ve downloaded the public key, navigate to Apple Business Manager and log in with the service account used for enrollment program tokens.

  • Refer to the below image to see which account you should use for each instance of Apple Business Manager.

Step 5: Once you’ve logged in Apple Business Manager, navigate to Preferences and Add a new MDM Server.

  • Please ensure you enter a name for the server based on your organization’s locations or departments

  • Once you’ve saved the new MDM Server, download the Apple Business Manager public key that needs to be added to Intune.

Step 6: Navigate back to the “Add a new enrollment program token” from the above steps and add the Server Token under Upload Server Token


Step 7: When you are finished entering this information, please click Next to the proceed to the next page. Then click Save and Create.