Microsoft Intune: ABM Overview

Published on: August 22, 2023 | Reading Time: 3 min | Last Modified : August 22, 2023

Apple Business Manager - Overview


Apple Business Manager (ABM) is a web-based device and application deployment platform that includes Apple’s Automated Device Enrollment program and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for apps and books. Automated Device Enrollment allows Company to easily deploy and configure Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.) and VPP allows Company to purchase and distribute apps/books in large volumes. Both programs are accessed and managed from the Apple Business Manager portal.

When used with Company’s mobile device management solution (Microsoft Intune), we can configure device settings and buy and distribute apps and books at scale.


  • Implement a smarter way to deploy and manage Apple devices using Apple Business Manager and Microsoft Intune
  • Purchase and distribute iOS apps in volume in company Mobile Workforce
  • Pre requisites:

  • Apple Business Manager must be available in your country. To find the list of countries where ABM is supported, see Apple support article Availability of Apple programs for business.

  • Devices must be purchased from Apple or it’s authorized resellers

Device workflow in Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager provides a fast, streamlined way to automatically enroll devices in Microsoft Intune without having to physically touch or prep the devices before users get them.

After you sign up. for Apple Business Manager, you have five steps to complete before you can start managing devices.

  1. Link to Apple or to a participating reseller
    • After linking an Apple Customer Number or a Reseller Number to Apple Business Manager, any orders of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV devices, and Mac computers appear automatically in Bosch’s Apple Business Manager.
  2. Link to a third-party MDM solution (Microsoft Intune)
    • You must link to at least one third-party mobile device management (MDM) solution in Apple Business Manager before you can begin assigning devices.
  3. Add devices to Apple Business Manager
    • Devices purchased with your Apple Customer Number or Reseller Number appear automatically in Apple Business Manager. Devices can also be manually added using Apple Configurator if necessary.
  4. Assign a device to an MDM server
    • After a device appears in Apple Business Manager, you must assign it to an MDM server. You can manually assign a device to an MDM server or set up automatic assignment.
  5. Enroll a device in MDM
    • Devices can now be enrolled in MDM, so that management policies can be applied. You can automatically enroll devices you own, or users can enroll their devices manually. When users enroll their device, that device is assigned to MDM and added to the device list in Apple Business Manager.

Benefits of Apple Business Manager enrollment

  • End users cannot revoke MDM management from any managed Apple device.
  • Managed Apple devices are declared as “Supervised,” which allows for greater customization and configuration abilities within Intune.
  • Once enrolled in Apple Business Manager, Apple devices are permanently managed by Microsoft Intune, even if the device is factory reset.

Setup and On-boarding Processes

ABM Setup guide


Device workflow in Apple Business Manager - Apple Support (ID)